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Windowsfx 11: fast, secure and stable

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I came across a project a while back that I find quite impressive. It's an excellent solution for those looking to move away from the MS Windows environment. It's especially helpful for beginners who may encounter the Windows UI later in life, but are still motivated to use a Linux system.

When I installed the project, I was blown away by how much theming had been applied - from the Boot Loader to the start menu.

However, earlier versions of this (Windows 10) did not work as advertised. I attempted to install Windows executables, but, as we know, WINE can be finicky.

As a result, I abandoned the project. However, I recently discovered that they have shifted their focus to the Windows 11 version.

Windowsfx 11: fast, secure and stable

Have any of you found a solution to run your applications without using WINE? Also, has anyone tried this particular distribution? I'm planning to give it a go on my netbook.


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I tried an earlier version as well. Unimpressed enough that I have not bothered looking at anything since. Windows 11 is, in my experience, a turd for the corporate setting. So I find myself wondering how well something that aspires to mimic that turd will ever do; the devs' good intentions notwithstanding.

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What exactly is this abomination? Are they developing their own Windows runtime? I doubt it will be nearly as good as WINE, which has been in development for many years with commercial backing.

If it's just a highly themed Linux distro, then it's just a gimmick like Zorin OS. You can install WINE in any Linux system... so unless you are looking to make your Linux system look like Windows (why would you anyway?), it's of no practical use.

Also about Android Apps, there are several projects which allow you to run Android apps in Linux too, and I bet this project is using one of them.

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