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Extenstions to Array library

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PopG_Array.au3 (4 previous downloads)

#Region     Doc:
#Region     Doc: Notes
; Extends Array functionality, primarily in two dimensions.
; You are allowed to freely use this code without restriction.
; If you have questions, suggestions or wish to report a bug please do this at 
; http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=21542
#EndRegion  Doc: Notes
#Region     Doc: Function List
; _ArrayAdd1                            As per _ArrayAdd, but adds an array.
; _ArrayAdd2                            As per _ArrayAdd1, but for two dimensional arrays.
; _ArrayDelete2                         Deletes either a row or a column from a two dimensional array.
; _ArrayDisplay2                        As per _ArrayDisplay but for two dimensional arrays.
; _ArraySwap2ByKey                      Swaps two rows or columns in a 2-d array, the hooks being position (in development)
; _ArraySwap2ByIndex                    Swaps two rows or columns in a 2-d array, the hooks being position
#EndRegion  Doc: Function List
#Region     Doc: History
; 20-Feb-06 Als Updated     _ArrayAdd1      Bug fixed re [0] entry set incorrectly to one more that it should be.
; 19-Feb-06 Als Updated     _ArrayDisplay2  Altered to fully support 1 dimensional arrays, and thus support timeouts.
; 18-Feb-06 Als Extended    _ArrayDisplay2  Copes with up to 3 dimensions
; 18-Feb-06 Als Extended    _ArrayDisplay2  Support msgbox timeout.
; 05-Feb-06 Als Added       _ArraySwap2ByIndex
; 05-Feb-06 Als Added       _ArrayDelete2
#EndRegion  Doc: History
#Region     Doc: Requirements
; Au3 build or better.
; Also uses Au3 include libraries GuiConstants and Array.
; Also uses PopG include library _Delim.
#EndRegion  Doc: Requirements
#EndRegion  Doc:

(Notes: _ArraySwap2ByKey is commented out - untested but almost there. The _ArraySwap2 functions are NOT for the feint-hearted - you have been warned.)

18-Feb-03 Update to _ArrayDisplay2 to support up to 3 dimensions.

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