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Really basic help...


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Okay, i've been wondering how you would get a function to return its value to a variabel specified by the user...

Like: here is my UDF

Func SpriteCreate($Image, $Width, $Height, $StartX, $StartY)

GUICtrlCreatePic($Image, $StartX, $StartY, $Width, $Height)


I would want the user to be able to do:

$SpriteBox = SpriteCreate($Image, $Width, $Height, $StartX, $StartY)

so $SpriteBox would be the variable for GUICtrlCreatePic...

sorry, it is kind of hard for me to explain. any ideas people?

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you mean something like?

Func SpriteCreate($Image, $Width, $Height, $StartX, $StartY)
    Local $controlID
    $controlID = GUICtrlCreatePic($Image, $StartX, $StartY, $Width, $Height)
    If $controlID Then
        Return $controlID
        Return 0
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