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This is an awesome example to study AutoIt. I'm loving it. However, I haven't gotten very far as of yet. The automatic detection of the coordinates didn't work for me but I've managed to enter them manually. Now, when I select the don't launch anything option it won't let me save the game saying. Run select error, no launch. Not sure what to do. I'll keep looking but thought it would be interesting to know. I've got he beta version of Autoit installed btw running WinXP SP3.

edit: I took out this bit of code to eliminate the error message and that did the trick:

;~    If $Run = "L" Or $Launcher = "" Then
;~        MsgBox(262208, "Sorry!", "Run Select Error   ", 5)
;~        MsgBox(0, $Run, $Launcher)
;~        Return
;~    EndIf

It's probably the

Or $Launcher = ""

that causes trouble when you don't want anything to happen isn't it? Edited by hypertyper
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It is here in this portion of the code...

$Run = "L"
     If BitAND(GUICtrlRead($Radio_9), $GUI_CHECKED) = $GUI_CHECKED Then
         $Run = 0
         $Launcher = "No Launch"
     ElseIf BitAND(GUICtrlRead($Radio_7), $GUI_CHECKED) = $GUI_CHECKED Then
         $Run = 2
         $Launcher = GUICtrlRead($Input_8)
     ElseIf BitAND(GUICtrlRead($Radio_6), $GUI_CHECKED) = $GUI_CHECKED Then
         $Run = 1
         $Launcher = GUICtrlRead($Input_8)
     If $Run = "L" Or $Launcher = "" Then
         MsgBox(262208, "Sorry!", "Run Select Error   ", 5)
         MsgBox(0, $Run, $Launcher)

It appears that you need to have selected one of the check boxes ... $Radio_9 OR Place a text name in an input


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Haven't tested this Autoit program yet but I too am looking for a way to use this in an MMORPG. I have used Macrogamer <snip> which i believe is created in autoit and it gets past Gameguard. Would be nice to merge the two programs together so that this prog would work in Gameguard games.

please email me if anyone finds a way.


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