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File Rename Help

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I looked in the help file but i couldn't find anything that said how to rename file could some one help me out

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If you can jot that down on your todo list, you might indicate that MoveFile() is what we use here to rename a file too.

Maybe you can also use an object to do stuff with files like you would be familiar with if you have done vbscript. Like here:


Here's how I was gonna do this before I found this post. Here's my test thing. Just a test here, not a real script.

Func deleteme()
    $fso = ObjCreate('Scripting.FileSystemObject')
    $f = $fso.getfile("test.exe")
    $f.name = "deleteme.exe"
HotKeySet ('z', "deleteme")
while 1 

I compile it to .exe and the file that's running can rename itself. Of course it could not delete itself. But it can rename itself, then download a newer version and kill the gui and start the new version and when the new version starts it can check for 'deleteme.exe' and delete it.

You know . . . for autoupdates.

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