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Download here.

Ok i was thinking im to lazy to upload the freaking screenshots to my website.

So gess what with press of a buttion you take shot and upload it.

This is a private script due to my server password and stuff is in it.

I will post a public one for you tho.

Press print screen to take shots

Press end to stop the program.

really basic stuff.

It might take a moment to upload to server due to your connecting to a server.

Dialup people please dont you you can but will go really slow for you.

It will take a screenshot of the window up no matter where it is.

This is ment for diablo II but cant be used in full window causethe engine is werid

Please support this by testing it out.

and post errors you get


Create a better usermanagment system

Thats basicly all ideas up for


Visit mEMy programs made.Iul - IulG-V Console - G-V Console_RandomLetter - _RandomLetter()Saftey Kill - Saftey Killcolorzone() = colorzone()
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