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Writing To The Registry

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I'm really confused and I can't figure out how to create a script that i can run on a machine which will add a key to the registry. I have a program i need to automatically run (zerocool's remote PC control script) when the computer starts on a couple of my PCs. I need to add the key here:


The I need to add a string value called Server

The description needs to be this:


so basically I know how to add it on my own manually through regedit, I'm just confused as to how to create a script to add it automatically. P.s. when I do it manually, the first time after I restart I get a screen that makes me "OK" the request to start that process and if I click on "Do not show this message again"... it wont. Is there also a way to change the permissions or something so i don't need to go through this everytime on each PC.

and zerocool told me i had to say this:

"Zerocool is awesome and I want to get in his pants. Oh baby. Oh baby."

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Dude, I was joking you freak.

BTW guys he's new to autoit so just make fun of him, I do!!


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Look up "RegWrite" in the helpfile.

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