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Creating A 45bits Struct

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I want do call to SHGetSettings and it need a pointer to a struct SHELLSTATE

typedef struct {
    BOOL fShowAllObjects:1;
    BOOL fShowExtensions:1;
    BOOL fNoConfirmRecycle:1;
    BOOL fShowSysFiles:1;
    BOOL fShowCompColor:1;
    BOOL fDoubleClickInWebView:1;
    BOOL fDesktopHTML:1;
    BOOL fWin95Classic:1;
    BOOL fDontPrettyPath:1;
    BOOL fShowAttribCol:1;
    BOOL fMapNetDrvBtn:1;
    BOOL fShowInfoTip:1;
    BOOL fHideIcons:1;
    UINT fRestFlags:3;

the struct has 45bits... i can't create it with DllStructCreate

or there is away around that i don't know?

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thanks a lot

this what i have done, a script do disable activedesktop on winxp

DllStructSetData ($shellstate,1,0)
ControlSend("Program Manager","",1,"{F5}")

it gave me a loooot of work.... to make it work on 4 lines lol


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Actually, you're all wrong. The structure as defined is 16 bits, however, C++'s sizeof operator says it's 4 bytes (32 bits). All the BOOL values are stored in a single bit each. The unsigned integer is stored in 3 bits. This makes a total of 16 bits. You can safely store that structure in a single int. However, you have to use BitAnd() to check each of the fields since each field is a single bit. This is called (oddly enough) a bit-field. You don't need DllStruct for this at all, in fact. Use the basic int type of DllCall() and the BitAnd/BitOR functions to retrieve/set the fields. However, I don't know which 16 bits are used (the upper or lower). I also don't know why the length is padded to 32-bits when only 16 are needed.

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