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How To Start Up With Autoit3

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Hi there!

I have downloaded the application in order to find an easy way to automate some tasks of my home PC.

I have no knowledge of scripting therefore I started from the help file and looked at your samples.

It doens't seem to be terribly complicated but I need a push from you guys.

One of the tasks that I want to automate is basically to say my PC:

"At 00.00 hrs, open the torrent files 1,2,3,4,5 etc."

The files will begin their downloading process.

At the moment the downloading process is finisched, then my PC should close the torrent.

The torrent application has got a button that when the torrent is downloading is called "Cancel", once the downloading ends, it switches to "finished", therefore that could be the trigger.

Can you give me an idea of the script to create?

In this way I can see which function to use, there are so many that I was overwhelmed :think:

Thank you for your help.


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...I'm lost...

Welcome to the forums.

Unzip the file to a folder of you choice and run the EXE named "Autoit-123".

Press the button marked "Get AutoIt3" and follow the prompts, do the same for the "Get Beta" button, then the "Get SciTE" button...

Then work thru the buttons in the box for "Step Number Two"

...then post your questions...


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