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Automan Empire

How Can I Align Data Within A Guictrlcreatelistview ?

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Automan Empire

I have been trying to align data within GUICtrlCreateListViewItem without sucess. As you can see from my example, how can I make the AMOUNT column be right aligned, and if possible, how can I make the TYPE column centered?

Here is some sample code...

#include <GuiConstants.au3>

GUICreate("test data alignment",800,200, 100,200,-1,)
GUISetBkColor (0x00E0FFFF) ; will change background color

$listview = GUICtrlCreateListView ("NAME           |TYPE  |AMOUNT   |OTHER  ",10,10,780,180);,)

$item1=GUICtrlCreateListViewItem("First Name|A|1000000|32",$listview)
$item2=GUICtrlCreateListViewItem("Second Name|B|600000|35",$listview)

GUICtrlSetData($item2,"||55555|",);this changes data in the specified location

  $msg = GUIGetMsg ()

Until $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

Thanks for any suggestions :think:

"I've seen your work in the past, and it's novice at best..." SmOke_N

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Requires beta

_GUICtrlListViewJustifyColumn($h_listview, $i_col[, $i_justification=0])


0 = Left (default)

1 = Right

2 = Center

SciTE for AutoItDirections for Submitting Standard UDFs


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