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How To Save Data From User To A Server On Internet?

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I need to do some basic logging for billing purposes from a users computer to a SQL Server on Internet.

I've been trying with direct inserts to the database from my AutoIT script with ADODB but this doesn't work because ADODB isn't installed/allowed on the users computer.

I was thinking of opening Internet Explorer in hidden mode with parameters in the querystring and then grab them and insert to the database as I am sure I can do this without problem since Internet Explorer exists on the users computer.

Is there an easier way to post data without opening Internet Explorer? I know this consumes a lot of memory and can generate problem if the page isn't opened properly.

Grateful for fast answers!



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maybe you can use ftp to store the data on the server and then have a script on the server that checks for new files and works them up.

Just a thought.

So long,


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