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Best Way To Convert Date From String To Date Value

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Hey, what's the best way to convert lets say: 20050831095539 to 2005/08/31 09:55:39. I used the code below but it looks ugly ;p Tnx

#include <string.au3>
        $strModified = 20050831095539
        $strModified = _StringInsert($strModified, "/", 4)
        $strModified = _StringInsert($strModified, "/", 7)
        $strModified = _StringInsert($strModified, " ", 10)
        $strModified = _StringInsert($strModified, ":", 13)
        $strModified = _StringInsert($strModified, ":", 16)

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$strModified = 20050831095539
$strModified = StringMid($strModified, 1, 4) & "/" & StringMid($strModified,5,2) & "/" & StringMid($strModified,8,2)

Edit: didn't finish it but you get the idea

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