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SmartFTP Popup Reminder Close Tool

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Here is a tool that will close the reminders that popup now and then for SmartFTP. The SmartFTP program is freeware and freely available for personal use but for some reason they force upgrades every ninety days, I think, this was highly annoying to me because the version I have works fine. It also gives you a license reminder, which doesn't make sense for personal use because the program is free.

Feel free to use this or not as you so wish, everyone is welcome, except for Sarnoob, you sir are most definately not authorized to use this program or comment, no not even one word, but everyone else feel free, go nuts :):(

Source & Exe included


Edited by Neoborn

~Projects~1. iPod Ejector 1.0 - Tool Used To Eject iPod in Windows - Uses DevEject.exe :P2. SmartFTP Close Popup Tool - Closes reminders from freeware SmartFTP.~Helpful Links For New Users~1. LXP's Learning AutoIT PDF Guide - <<< Go here for a PDF Guide on learning AutoIT from the ground up!<<<2. AutoIt 1-2-3 <<<Want to learn more about AutoIT quickly? Go Here<<<3. How To Install The Beta And Production Versions Of AutoIT / SciteAutoIT

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