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Could someone have a look at this ?

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Hi everyone

I'm trying to send the application window to the tray. This works fine if I use the doubleclick on the tray icon. However using the minimize-button on the window itself will send it to the taskbar instead, even though both should lead to the same commands.

Could someone have a look and verify if it is a general problem or just my computer acting up ?

Thanks guys :) , E.

#include <constants.au3>
#include <GUIConstants.au3>
#include <GuiListView.au3>

Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)
Opt( "TrayOnEventMode", 1)
Opt("TrayAutoPause", 0)
Opt("TrayMenuMode", 1)

Global Const $WM_NOTIFY = 0x004E

Global Const $NM_FIRST = 0
Global Const $NM_LAST = (-99)
Global Const $NM_OUTOFMEMORY = ($NM_FIRST - 1)
Global Const $NM_CLICK = ($NM_FIRST - 2)
Global Const $NM_DBLCLK = ($NM_FIRST - 3)

$Inifile = "Config.Ini"
$Datadump = "Hashesarchive.Ini"

#region - GUI

$MainWindow = GUICreate("Testing222", (@DesktopWidth-40), (@DesktopHeight-105), 20, 20, -1, $WS_EX_TOPMOST)

   #region - Link Storage
  ; Context Menu
    Dim $vCategories_Array[3]
    $Storage_Categories = GUICtrlCreateListView("Categories", 30, 50, 100, (@DesktopHeight-185))
    $vCategories_Array[0] =  GUICtrlCreateListViewItem("- Show Clipboard", $Storage_Categories)
    $vCategories_Array[1] =  GUICtrlCreateListViewItem("- Show All Saved", $Storage_Categories)
    $vCategories_Array[2] =  GUICtrlCreateListViewItem("General", $Storage_Categories)
    $vCategories_Names_Array = IniReadSection($Inifile, "Categories")
    If @error <> 1 Then
        ReDim $vCategories_Array[(3+$vCategories_Names_Array[0][0])]
        For $i = 3 To $vCategories_Names_Array[0][0]+2
            $vCategories_Array[$i] = GUICtrlCreateListViewItem($vCategories_Names_Array[($i-2)][0], $Storage_Categories)
  ;Categories Context Menu
    $Con_Storage_Categories = GUICtrlCreateContextMenu($Storage_Categories)
    $Con_Storage_Categories_Create = GUICtrlCreateMenuitem("New Group", $Con_Storage_Categories)
    $Con_Storage_Categories_Delete = GUICtrlCreateMenuitem("Delete Group", $Con_Storage_Categories)
  ;Main Linklist
    $NewItems_Storage = GUICtrlCreateListView("Filename|Filesize|Hash", 150, 50, (@DesktopWidth-220), (@DesktopHeight-185), $LVS_SHOWSELALWAYS)
    _GUICtrlListViewSetColumnWidth($NewItems_Storage, 1, 85)
    _GUICtrlListViewSetColumnWidth($NewItems_Storage, 2, 200)
    _GUICtrlListViewSetColumnWidth($NewItems_Storage, 0, (@DesktopWidth-585))
  ;Linklist ContextMenu
    $Context_NewItems = GUICtrlCreateContextMenu($NewItems_Storage)
    $Con_NewItems_Download = GUICtrlCreateMenuitem("Download Selected", $Context_NewItems)
    $Con_NewItems_Filter = GUICtrlCreateMenuitem("Filter Selected", $Context_NewItems)
   #region - Event Triggers
  ;Register WM_NOTIFY  events
   GUIRegisterMsg($WM_NOTIFY, "WM_Notify_Events")
   GUISetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_MINIMIZE, "trayLClick")
   TraySetOnEvent($TRAY_EVENT_PRIMARYDOUBLE, "trayLClick")
   GUISetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_DROPPED, "ProcessDropEvent")
   GUISetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_CLOSE, "CLOSEClicked")
   GUICtrlSetOnEvent($Con_NewItems_Download, "DownloadMultiple")
   GUICtrlSetOnEvent($Con_NewItems_Filter, "FilterMultiple")
   GUICtrlSetOnEvent($Con_Storage_Categories_Create, "CreateGroup")
   GUICtrlSetOnEvent($Con_Storage_Categories_Delete, "GetSelectedCategory")
  ;Additional Events under WM_Notify_Events
   #region - Clipboard Hook
   Global Const $WM_DRAWCLIPBOARD = 0x0308
   Global Const $WM_CHANGECBCHAIN = 0x030D
   Global $origHWND
   $origHWND = DLLCall("user32.dll","hwnd","SetClipboardViewer","hwnd",$MainWindow)
   $origHWND = $origHWND[0]
  ;~ Minimize()
   While 1
   #region - Transfer to Edonkey
   Func ListView_DoubleClick()
    $vItem = _GUICtrlListViewGetSelectedIndices($NewItems_Storage)
    If $vItem <> -1 Then
        $Name = _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText($NewItems_Storage, $vItem, 0)
        $Size = _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText($NewItems_Storage, $vItem, 1)
        $Hash = _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText($NewItems_Storage, $vItem, 2)
        $Link = "ed2k://|file|"&$Name&"|"&$Size&"|"&$Hash&"|"
        RunWait("rundll32.exe url.dll,FileProtocolHandler " & $Link, @WorkingDir)
        IniWrite($Datadump, "Filters", $Hash, $Size)
   EndFunc ;==>ListView_DoubleClick
   Func DownloadMultiple()
    $vNumberOfSelected = _GUICtrlListViewGetSelectedCount($NewItems_Storage)
    If $vNumberOfSelected <> 0 AND $vNumberOfSelected <> -1 Then
        Dim $vIndex[$vNumberOfSelected]
        Dim $vDowns[$vNumberOfSelected][3]
        $vIndex = _GUICtrlListViewGetSelectedIndices($NewItems_Storage, 1, $MainWindow)
  ;erst holen       
        For $i = 1 To $vNumberOfSelected
            $Name = _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText($NewItems_Storage, $vIndex[$i], 0, $MainWindow)
            $Size = _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText($NewItems_Storage, $vIndex[$i], 1, $MainWindow)
            $Hash = _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText($NewItems_Storage, $vIndex[$i], 2, $MainWindow)
            $Link = "ed2k://|file|"&$Name&"|"&$Size&"|"&$Hash&"|"
            $vDowns[($i-1)][0] = $Link
            $vDowns[($i-1)][1] = $Hash
            $vDowns[($i-1)][2] = $Size
  ;dann übertragen
    For $i = 1 To $vNumberOfSelected
        RunWait("rundll32.exe url.dll,FileProtocolHandler " & $vDowns[($i-1)][0], @WorkingDir)
        IniWrite($Datadump, "Filters", $vDowns[($i-1)][1], $vDowns[($i-1)][2])
    _GUICtrlListViewDeleteItemsSelected($NewItems_Storage, $MainWindow)
   #region - Management Functions
func trayLClick()
   dim $state

   $state = winGetState( $MainWindow )
   if bitAnd( $state, 0x02) = 0x02 then
      guiSetState( @SW_HIDE, $MainWindow)
      guiSetState( @SW_SHOW, $MainWindow)
   Func CLOSEClicked()
   ; send notification that we no longer will be in clipboard hook queue
   Func Minimize()
;~      Opt("TrayIconHide", 0);show tray icon
    GuiSetState(@SW_HIDE, $MainWindow)
;~  Func Maximize()
;~      GuiSetState(@SW_RESTORE, $MainWindow);show GUI
;~      Opt("TrayIconHide", 1);hide tray icon
;~  EndFunc
   Func WM_Notify_Events($hWndGUI, $MsgID, $wParam, $lParam)
    #forceref $hWndGUI, $MsgID, $wParam
    Local $tagNMHDR, $event, $hwndFrom, $code
    $tagNMHDR = DllStructCreate("int;int;int", $lParam);NMHDR (hwndFrom, idFrom, code)
    If @error Then Return
    $event = DllStructGetData($tagNMHDR, 3)
    Case $wParam = $NewItems_Storage
            Case $event = $NM_CLICK
  ;~                 ListView_Click ()
            Case $event = $NM_DBLCLK
                ListView_DoubleClick ()
    $tagNMHDR = 0
    $event = 0
    $lParam = 0
   EndFunc ;==>WM_Notify_Events
   Func FilterMultiple()
    $vNumberOfSelected = _GUICtrlListViewGetSelectedCount($NewItems_Storage)
    If $vNumberOfSelected <> 0 AND $vNumberOfSelected <> -1 Then
        Dim $vIndex[$vNumberOfSelected]
        $vIndex = _GUICtrlListViewGetSelectedIndices($NewItems_Storage, 1)
        For $i = 1 To UBound($vIndex)-1
            $Name = _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText($NewItems_Storage, $vIndex[$i], 0)
            $Size = _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText($NewItems_Storage, $vIndex[$i], 1)
            $Hash = _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText($NewItems_Storage, $vIndex[$i], 2)
            IniWrite($Datadump, "Filters", $Hash, $Size)
   #region - Clipboard Management
   Func OnClipBoardChange($hWnd, $Msg, $wParam, $lParam)
  ; do what you need when clipboard changes
  ; send notification about clipboard change to next clipviewer
   Func ProcessClipboard()
    $Temp = ClipGet()
    $NumberofItems = NumberOfResults($Temp, "ed2k://")
    If $NumberofItems > 0 Then
        For $i = 1 To $NumberofItems
            $ItemStart = StringInStr($Temp, "ed2k://", 1, $i)
            $Name = SucheBegriff($Temp, $ItemStart, "|", 2, "|", 1)
            $Size = SucheBegriff($Temp, $ItemStart, "|", 3, "|", 1)
            $Hash = SucheBegriff($Temp, $ItemStart, "|", 4, "|", 1)
            $Link = "ed2k://|file|"&$Name&"|"&$Size&"|"&$Hash&"|"
            If IniRead($Datadump, "Filters", $Hash, -1) = -1 Then
                GUICtrlCreateListViewItem($Name & "|" & $Size & "|" & $Hash, $NewItems_Storage)
   Func OnClipBoardViewerChange($hWnd, $Msg, $wParam, $lParam)
  ; if our remembered previous clipviewer is removed then we must remember new next clipviewer
  ; else send notification about clipviewr change to next clipviewer
    If $wParam = $origHWND Then
        $origHWND = $lParam
   #region - Category Management for Tab1
   Func ProcessDropEvent()
    MsgBox(0, "From", @GUI_DragId)
    MsgBox(0, "To", @GUI_DropId)
    MsgBox(0, "To", @GUI_DragFile)
   Func GetSelectedCategory()
    $vTemp = GuiGetCursorInfo($MainWindow)
    MsgBox(0, "", $vTemp[4])
  ;~    $vCoordinatesMain = ControlGetPos("", "", $MainWindow)
  ;~    $vCoordinates = ControlGetPos("", "", $MainWindow)
   Func CreateGroup()
    $vName = InputBox("Create New Group", "Please enter a name for the new group")
    If $vName <> "" Then
        ReDim $vCategories_Array[(UBound($vCategories_Array)+1)]
        $vCategories_Array[(UBound($vCategories_Array)-1)] = GUICtrlCreateListViewItem($vName, $Storage_Categories)
        IniWrite($Inifile, "Categories", $vName, -1)
   #region - Search Functions
   Func NumberOfResults($StringToSearch, $vSuchbegriff_Start)                       ;Wie viele Items auf der Seite. Wird unten gebraucht, damit der Array in seinen Grenzen arbeitet
   For $y = 1 to 2500
    $pos = StringInStr ($StringToSearch, $vSuchbegriff_Start, 1, $y)
         If $pos = 0 Then ; StringInStr() failed
   Func SucheBegriff($Searchedstring_Temp, $vStartpos, $vSuchbegriff_Start, $StartCount, $vSuchbegriff_Stopp, $StoppCount)
    Suchen nach dem xten ($count) jeweiligen Wert im String (Searchedstring)  
    $Grenze_links = _Searchfromplace($Searchedstring_Temp, $vSuchbegriff_Start, $vStartpos, $StartCount) + StringLen($vSuchbegriff_Start)
    $Grenze_rechts = _Searchfromplace($Searchedstring_Temp, $vSuchbegriff_Stopp, $Grenze_links, $StoppCount)
    $Lenghtcount = $Grenze_rechts - $Grenze_links
    Return(StringMid($Searchedstring_Temp, $Grenze_links, $Lenghtcount))
   Func _Searchfromplace($Searchedstring_Temp, $Searchstring, $start, $Count)
        Sucht das xte Auftreten eines Terms nach der angegebenen Position und gibt die Position im Gesamtstring aus.
    $Searchedstring_Temp_Lenght = StringLen($Searchedstring_Temp)
    $Searchedstring_Temp = StringTrimLeft ( $Searchedstring_Temp, $start )
    $Add_to_count = ($Searchedstring_Temp_Lenght - (StringLen($Searchedstring_Temp)))
    $Position_Searchstring = StringInStr($Searchedstring_Temp, $Searchstring, 1, $Count)
    Return($Position_Searchstring + $Add_to_count)

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Something like this?

While 1
    If BitAND(WinGetState($MainWindow), 16) Then
        GUISetState(@SW_HIDE, $MainWindow)
        GUISetState(@SW_RESTORE, $MainWindow)

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As far as my uneducated eye can make out (helpfile info) i'm running v3.1.1.114 (beta)

Just to make things more visual :D - I do this:

Posted Image

and get this:

Posted Image

Any other way of minimize works fine (ie clicking on the taskbar-entry or doubleclicking the tray icon)


Just tried your code - solved it perfectly - many thanks :( .

Could you explain to me WHY it did? As far as i can see it does the same thing I tried, just more often. Trying to learn here :)

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What version of AutoIt?

I'm still running on this XP SP2 machine--so I had to remove the lines containing GUIRegisterMsg and @GUI_DragId--but minimizing to tray worked fine for me.

Looks like GUIRegisterMsg () is the cause of this issue..

I am running and when i comment the GUIRegisterMsg () things work fine for me too.. :)

SciTE4AutoIt3 Full installer Download page   - Beta files       Read before posting     How to post scriptsource   Forum etiquette  Forum Rules 
Live for the present,
Dream of the future,
Learn from the past.

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