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Ok i have a large GUI with multiple tabs, one of which has a listview, with various pieces of data, for example

$itemname1 $data1 $data2

$itemname2 $data1 $data2

................. ......... .........


but on one of the other tabs, i want to put a button next to an input box, when the button is pressed, i want a smaller GUI to pop up, with a combo box in it, with the $itemname1 | $itemname2 ......... etc loaded in it. Then selecting one of the options, loads either $data1 or $data2 into the input box.

Trouble is, i dont know a way of doing this??? I'm not familar with parents, but think maybe this is what i need?

Thanks in advance

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I can see / read it now the comment coming says " please post your code so we have some kind of clue what you are referring to". Kthx

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