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Christopher Blue

Sending modified mouse clicks.

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;~ VK_BACK (08)
;~     BACKSPACE key

;~ VK_TAB (09)
;~     TAB key

;~ VK_CLEAR (0C)
;~     CLEAR key

;~     ENTER key

;~ VK_SHIFT (10)
;~     SHIFT key

;~ VK_CONTROL (11)
;~     CTRL key

;~ VK_MENU (12)
;~     ALT key

;~ VK_PAUSE (13)
;~     PAUSE key

;~ VK_CAPITAL (14)
;~     CAPS LOCK key

#include <Misc.au3>

While 1
    If _IsPressed("11") Then Clickity() ; Ctrl is pressed
    If _IsPressed("1B") Then Quit()

Func Clickity()

Func Quit()

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Strange it works for me when I use {CTRLDOWN} and {CTRLUP} but not when I use {CTRL DOWN} and {CTRL UP}.

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