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File Rename

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I'm trying to rename some MP3s (thousands). Some of the filenames are in CAPS and some are in lower case. I would like to make them all the same.

For Example:



with or without you.mp3

should be:

Light My Fire.mp3

With Or Without You.mp3

anyone know a way?


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FIleFindFirst, FileFindNext, StringLower should get you going. They are all in the help file :D (at least in the beta)

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Daniel W.

#include <string.au3>

$search = FileFindFirstFile("*.mp3") 

While 1
    $file = FileFindNextFile($search) 
    If @error Then ExitLoop
     FileMove ( Filegetlongname($file) , "C:\" &  _StringProper( $file ) , 1)


:D here it is

I dunno if this works cuz i can't test it...

Edited by Daniel W.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scripts : _Encrypt UDF_UniquePCCode UDF MS like calculatorInstall programm *UPDATED* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[quote name='Helge' post='213117' date='Jul 26 2006, 10:22 AM']Have you ever tried surfing the internet with a milk-carton ?This is similar to what you're trying to do.[/quote]

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