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V3 FileCopy slow... what am I doing wrong?

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Good Morning,

(I tried searching this forum for previous post but got 1000's of hits to my queries... if I missed the information please forgive and point me to the post, thank you.)

I am using a simple Autoit3 script to copy files from a local disk drive to a network share:

FileCopy("D:\somestuff\*.*", "\\servername\serverdir\*.*", 1)

The files to be copied are very large RAR files, one or more GIGs each. The target files do NOT exist prior to the copy.

Running the Autoit command requires in excess of 8 hours to complete. Windows Explorer (from the same machine, to the same UNC path) using 'copy/paste', interactively copies the files in under a half hour.

What should I be doing differently, to speed up the Autoit copy? Is this a priority issue or other setting that I should be making before starting the copy? Sorry, I'm a n00b. Thanks very much in advance for any help.



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I don't know. Maybe the devs could explain where the difference is. Maybe the autoit copy copies smaller packages and then it has to perform much more read/write actions or the buffer size is adjustable.

I give you a bump, surely someone knows it better than me. :">

So long,


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