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Enabling Checkbox from Address Bar

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Ok..this isn't precisely AutoIT related but I'm making a program to do something specific and I thought the great minds here could help. I've discovered on a certain web-page that I want to load for my program that I can fill in different form values using the address bar. For example: The form has an input box for Time so in the address bar I can put "http://blahblahblah.main.jsp?Time = 13:00" and if I hit refresh it will put 13:00 into the time field. My problem is I want to get it to check a checkbox on the form but I can't figure out how to do it from the address bar. I've found the checkbox's name but = true won't work... = 1 won't work =checked won't work....any ideas? Currently I'm tabbing all the way over to it but it's quite cumbersome.

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maybe I got you wrong, but does ControlClick work?

So long,


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nope..controlclick doesn't work. Just to elaborate....I can fill the forms like this


so I need to add something to enable the checkbox that's titled "ExcelExport" so that would be...

"http://blahblahblah.main.jsp?Time=13:00&User=Manny&Date=08/06/2006&ExcelExport = ?? "

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