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Problem with .gif images

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I've had any problems using gif images but recently i tried to build a funny game, now that i'm starting over realising the concept had too many flaws. I'm getting problems using a .gif image. The problem may be in the gif or in AutoIt itself, i think i have pretty much ruled out problems in my script. It may have something with AutoIt picking the wrong color as the transparent one. (Adobe CS and Windows' ImageViewer do it the right way though).

Please look at this, I have included the gif and the script and please play around with it because i can't get it right.

[Edit] IE displays the gif properly too.

[Edit] Those who háve downloaded this. Please tell me if it's Not working also, because i am clueless wether or not it is my pc or autoit.

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This is a transparent GIF?

Transparent GIF have to be treated diffently.

Example From the Help File:

;----- example 2
#include "GUIConstants.au3"

$gui=GUICreate("test transparentpic", 200, 100)
$pic=GUICreate("", 68, 71, 10, 10,$WS_POPUP,BitOr($WS_EX_LAYERED,$WS_EX_MDICHILD),$gui)
GUICtrlCreatePic(@Systemdir & "\oobe\images\merlin.gif",0,0, 0,0)

until GuiGetMsg() = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

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