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Set DOS command window title?

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I want to run an EXE (which opens a dos window), but Instead of the window title being the location ofthe file, I want it to be preset.

The problem I am having is that WinGetTitle only seems to work with Windows windows and not DOS windows, if that makes any sense.

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so to run a dos exe in a specific titled dos window would be

Run("cmd /K title This title is OWNED")

ControlSend("This title is OWNED", "", "", "whatever.exe")

ControlSend("This title is OWNED", "", "", {ENTER}

like that?

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Run(@ComSpec & ' /K title this is owned|dir')

Edit: fixed quotes

I'm sorry but I cannot get to my destination with the information given. I don't have any idea what the help file istalking about with @comspec.

Here's what I need.

create the variable that holds the directory location of the exe. (This I can do)

Run the DOS program (path in a variable) in a window and title that window something specific.

Send '1' to that window

Send ENTER to that window

close that window.

it's not a built in dos command like DIR or COPY.

The exe command is going to have a %1 too, it will be like:

testing.exe > c:\output.txt

When I try to change compspec to anything I need it doesnt work and opens a new window

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doesn't have to be a built in command, just using a standard window command as example


Run(@ComSpec & ' /K title this is owned')
WinWaitActive('this is owned')

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If an exe spaws an arbitrary DOS window or two (such as Ghost32 8.0 or DOSBox), there should either be a way to set the title--or the help file should document the limitation.

When I just tested now, I was always able to set the title of DOS windows....

Remember that WinSetTitle has three parameters:

;WinSetTitle($oldTitle, $text, $newTitle)

WinSetTitle("C:\Windows", "", "My New Title")

It could also be that the window title begins with some invisible charatcter, so also try putting

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2) at the top of your script.

You can also see if WinExists(..... and similar functions are able to detect the DOS window.

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