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Label Disabling WM_KEYUP?

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#include <GUIConstants.au3>
Func _WM_KEYUP($hWndGUI, $MsgID, $WParam, $LParam)
    ConsoleWrite($MsgID & @TAB & $WParam & @CR)
### Koda GUI section start ###
Global $Form1 = GUICreate("AForm1", 623, 449, 193, 126)
;GUICtrlCreateLabel("ALabel1", 16, 24, 43, 17)
### Koda GUI section end   ###
While 1
    $nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $nMsg
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

uncomment 'GUICtrlCreateLabel...' and _WM_KEYUP() will not be called (if you press a key)

but why?

is there another way to assign keys to a function?

(and i dont mean global hotkeys :D )

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This may or may not help, but I personally put functions under all of the main code (after whiles. etc.). I picked this up from the AutoIt gurus here; they do it. Maybe there's something more then organization to it? =/

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