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fileopen issue

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I just encountered an error in one of my scripts:

Line 0 (File "Y:\windows\Packages\AutoFLAC\autoflac_11\AutoFLAC.exe");
$new = fileopen($ripdir & "\" & $meta & $album & ".cue", 2)
Error: Unable to open file, the maximum number of open files has been exceeded.

Now, I know the error message is rather self-explanatory, but I can't figure out where the problem lies. I have several fileopen() and filefindfirstfile() calls in my script, but I just did a manual search through the entire program and I seem to close every one of them as soon as I'm done with the file handle.

Are there any other functions that require a fileclose()? Could this be that Windows itself can not open any additional files and it's not an issue with the script (unlikely, though, as I'm only running a couple other apps)? Any other ideas?

The program had been running for quite some time before I got the error message, making many iterations through the main body, so the behavior seems consistant with a simple leak. Like I said, though, I can't find that issue: I have 5 fileopen()'s, 3 filefindfirstfile()'s, and 8 fileclose()'s. What am I missing?

Thanks. I can complete the complete code if that'd help, but it's a pretty long script.

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Just attach the script and I'll do a quick check on your file handles and see if any are prone to be left open.


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#4 ·  Posted (edited)

Something just spotted here. You use Return to exit the function before FileClose can close the handle.

; Function to search %path% for executable
func SearchPath($file)
    ; Search DOS path directories
    $dir = stringsplit(envget("path"), ';')
    redim $dir[$dir[0]+1]
    $dir[$dir[0]] = @scriptdir
    for $i = 1 to $dir[0]
        $exefiles = filefindfirstfile($dir[$i] & "\*.exe")
        if $exefiles == -1 then continueloop
        $exename = filefindnextfile($exefiles)
            if $exename = $file then return 1 <------------ Problem here with handle left open
            $exename = filefindnextfile($exefiles)
        until @error
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