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Checking for hidden process

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i need to check if a process is runing...

so far so good but this process hides itself, i cant see it in the processes-tab of taskman and also if i check in my script it will not be found.

then i tried to check for the window (SRO_Client is the window title, CLIENT the class) but this is also not found.

is there someway to detect if the process or the window is existing?


(sry for my english :D )

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i dont wont to kill it, i just want to check if the process (or the window) exist...

and it is SRO_Client, it stands so in the taskbar and WindowInfo said the same :D

Is that the window Title or the Class?


Oops, CLIENT, I see:

$GetWin = _WinExistsHiddenExe('CLIENT')
If $GetWin Then MsgBox(64, 'Info:', 'Window Name: ' & $GetWin & ' Exists')

Func _WinExistsHiddenExe($sClass)
    $OptWTMM = Opt('WinTitleMatchMode', 4)
    Local $sWinTitle = WinGetTitle('classname=' & $sClass)
    Opt('WinTitleMatchMode', $OptWTMM)
    If WinExists($sWinTitle) Then Return $sWinTitle
    Return 0
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i just build it in and tested...

it works fine :D

many thx to you, btw: which server are you gaming on? ^^

ps: i need this for a lil restarter. im playing on oasis-server, there often happens that game will kick you out with "Disconnected to Server" Message if the server is to full. i dont like this crazy clicking around 10million times to login in :D

EDIT: hmm, to bad. filling in the fields for name/pw with Send dont work, and i dont know the control id (WindowInfo dont show it)... any hints or should i say goodbye to the idea for an autologin?

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