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String indices

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I am writing an application where I would like to assign a portion of a string to another string variable. For instance, I might want the 14th through 25th characters. However, I want these limits to be variable, usually the results of another search within the string. I know there are ways to get there through multiple steps but I was hoping there was just a simple assignment like: $newstring=$oldstring(14:25) . This obviously didn't work.....


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There are a couple of ways to do it I guess...

$String = 'Is this what you are talking about?'
$NewString = _StringIndex($String, 8, 20)
MsgBox(0,'Info:', $NewString)

Func _StringIndex($sString, $iStart, $iEnd)
    Return StringMid($sString, $iStart, ($iEnd - $iStart) + 1)
    ;Return StringTrimLeft(StringLeft($sString, $iEnd), $iStart - 1)
The commented one does the same as the StringMid()

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