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Loop's?! or prehaps variable string question...

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Im trying to make a script that will basically delete the users profile. There are accounts on the server as User01 User02 > User20

$message = "Deleting all User Profiles"

SplashTextOn("DELETE SCRIPT", $message, -1, -1, -1, -1, 4, "")

For $x = 1 to 20
    DirRemove ( "C:\Documents and Settings\User"& $x &"",1)
    $message = $message & $x & @LF  
    ControlSetText("DELETE SCRIPT", "", "Static1", $message)



This will work for deleting all the users 10 to 20. I thought about adding something like

IF $x < 10 THEN

$x = 0$x //Basically making the $x = 01 instead of 1 to delete the User01.

Im a n00b and have searched the help file high and low about attatching 1 string to another and cant figure it out :wacko: Sorry if this is stupid, :D

any advice is much appreciated! Cheers

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