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AutoIt testing..What do you know?

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Due to a issue with a IE patch, I've been getting reports of the engine not working correctly. I will need to build a AutoIt engine. If you want the engine I currently have, PM me, and I will send it to you. Due to current projects, it will be a while before I can fix this.



This is a test to see what you know about AutoIt v3. It is ran in the Trandumper 3.3 engine. You will need to run Trandumper in Internet Explorer.

Current question total: 63 :D

Latest test: AutoIt_test1.txt As of 7-7-06

(you will need to drop the txt file into the /Test folder/AutoIt v3 folder. Let it overwrite the file that is there, unless you have made your custom questions in that file. You can rename the file and save it to /Test folder/AutoIt v3 as a workaround)

Download Trandumper 3.3 with included test

(This only has 31 questions, so you will need to update the test with the latest version) :wacko:


Trandumper works with Internet Explorer, so you will need to allow for the ActiveX to run when asked. I know there will be questions of why there isn't a engine built with AutoIt, and the reason is I already have something that works very well for the task. If someone wants to make a engine that works using AutoIt, by all means do. I would be more than happy to switch to it and use it for this purpose. My goal is to educate, and if switching to a AutoIt engine would make people more confortable, by all means!

How to use:

  • Download and unzip the attachment. I would put it in it's own folder. Once done, you will see the following file structure:
  • Click on Start.HTML. YOU MUST RUN THIS IN INTERNET EXPLORER. It will not run in Firefox. The engine uses ActiveX, and Firefox does not support this. Once you run this, you will get this message:
  • You want to allow the block content. Once done, click on Start Exams. My test is written in English, so if you run it in German or French, the test itself will still be in English. After you click start exams, you will get a new window with more ActiveX warnings, allow access, and you will get the following:
  • Select AutoIt v3. You will get a new window
  • It is always a good idea to check on Random questions and Random answers. This keeps you from learning "The answer is A!" and also learning the sequence of questions.
I plan to add many questions to the database, so if you already downloaded it, check back often to see if there is a update. If you wish to make a few questions to have added, review the sample_enhanced.txt file in the 0-Sample folder to understand how to format the questions. The types of questions I'm looking for are:
  • Snippets of code with a bug, and a choice of solutions - This is the most important one.
  • What a function does; example being how to use StringRegExp
  • How the add-on tools work
  • How to troubleshoot code
  • A code example, and what would be the output if ran.
All questions must be formatted correctly in order to be added. I humbly ask that you will need to submit your questions as a txt file attachment. This will save time when I test it before adding it to the main test. You can have more than one test in the list so if the need comes up to have categories, I will split them as needed. If you have other questions on how Trandumper works, you can click on the links that are where you click to "Start Exams" button. Edited by Volly

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this is a great tool, i haven't downloaded (yet), but i will do it soon


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I like it...

Cheers m8!

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Visual Ping 1.8 - Mass Ping Program with export to txt delimited.

Desktop 2 RGB and YMCK - Pick a color in the desktop and get the RGB and YMCK code.

Desktop 2 RGB - Pick a color in the desktop and get the RGB code.

ShootIT 1.0 - Screen Capture full and partial screen

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umh, where is the link for the Trandumper 3.3? it only says

Trandumper 3.3 with included test

with no link. it does give the link to the new test though :whistle:

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