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Cant read the stdout of an exe

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I'm trying to get the stdout from 7z.exe but it's coming out as nul when i use this code:

FileChangeDir ( @ScriptDir )
GUICreate('StdOut Sample for AutoIt Beta', 700, 500)
$edit = GUICtrlCreateEdit('', 20, 20, 660, 460)
$stdout = Run( '7z.exe l CT_RaidAssist.wui' )
Global $all
While 1
    $data = StdOutRead($stdout)
    If @error Then ExitLoop
    If $data Then
        $all &= $data
GUICtrlSetData($edit, $all)
While WinActive('StdOut Sample for AutoIt Beta')

I'm not sure if it has to do with the exe or the code or what?

7z.exe works with virtually any type of archive but the one i was using in there is here


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There is no Std i\o flag in your Run() function?

Run ( "filename" [, "workingdir" [, flag[, standard_i/o_flag]]] )

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