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I am trying to download a file from the internet to the same location that the script it run like below but it only works if I use the full destination path and not a macro or var!

The below is code I took from help but only I modified it a bit,

; Advanced example - downloading in the background
InetGet("http://www.mydomwin.com/file.zip",@ScriptDir , 1, 1) ;;;; If I replace @ScriptDir with C:\file.zip it works fine.
While @InetGetActive
  TrayTip("Downloading", "Bytes = " & @InetGetBytesRead, 10, 16)

MsgBox(0, "Complete", "Download Complete" )

Did I miss something. I didnt see/read anythign about not being able to use macros or vars in my destination,


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crap on me I totaly should have none that as I had that same bit on other scripts I made.

Thanks a ton.

P.S: In the not to distant future I will be donating a little bit of $$ to the future development of AutoIt. All though it will not be much it will be my little contribution to the further dev work on this sweet a$$ app.

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