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Yet more help required for parsing an xml feed

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I've been working on trying to parse this feed for a while and i've tried using regex however this presents a problem when an additional file is inserted as a beta. I've spent a lot of time trying to work around parsing this with regex and then i turned to the forums and looked up on xml parsing. I was very confused by the ObjCreate command and thus was unable to understand how to use it or what uses it would be able to perform.

Ideally i'd like the end product to have a 2d array with all the details of a particular addon in the 2nd dimention. I'm not sure if this is possible.

While i have donated in the past to autoit and similar projects unfortunately at this time i'm in a bit of a financial hole due to a recent trip to europe. This forum has provent o be extrordinaraly helpful to me and i'm sure to many others. I realize this is a broad queston (especially since i cant really show any proof of work on my side) but i would be appreciateive of any help.

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goddamn it how did i miss that. i guess i got too focused on the ObjCreate. i'm gonna play around with this thanks and sorry :D

i cant make heads nor tails of this UDF although it appears it will work for my prupose so i'll keep on and try and figure it out. I really dont have any background in programming or scripting other hten the basic autoit that i arleady know

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