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Hotkey loop and error handling

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I start my script with

HotKeySet("^q", "Func1")

While 1

In Func1 I use some error trapping like

If @error = 1 Then 
        MsgBox(0, "Error", "Something went wrong.")

Now what do I use on the place of XXXX?

I don't want to exit the script completely. I just want to go back to the loop waiting for a hotkey to be pressed.

Even more difficult (for me that is :D ) it's getting when I open a file and something goes wrong after I have opened the file. I will need to close it before going back to the hotkey loop, but I don't know how to check if a file is open (if the file handle exists).

Can anybody please shed some light on this?



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Bedankt, Jos!

That was a lot easier than expected! :wacko:

Now I'l only need to incorporate Eval or IsDeclared in the routines with the file that is open or not, and I am well on my way. :D


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