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Trying to get an installer automated.. the program is Kudos but comes with a very crap installation program. Not flash but not quite windows style n theres no way of using WinWaitActive to ensure to wait untill the next step has loaded.

Basically its all timed, finally almost perfected it but I need to click a button at the end as i cant tab or controlclick it.

I set the script to run mouse cord's as window, yet different screen resolutions still give me different results.

Its really wierd?

Works in 1024x768 yet in 800x600 it clicks just off the button. Im 100% sure i havent put in the wrong cord's and its working in window mode.

Anyone else found this? :D


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as a workaround you can script:

If @desktopWidth = ... Then

X=100 y=200

and so on.


So long,


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posting the relevant code might help. Anyway. Does "AutoIT Window Info" show the same coords like the ones you used, when you hover over the button in 800x600 resolution?



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