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Andrew Sparkes

A function to escape/encode a URL string ?

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I hunted through the beta's helpfile and did a number of searches here, but have found nothing... What I need is a function to escape a string (using % as escape char) so it can pass nicely into a GET request. It has the same function as escape() in Javascript, but I need it in autoit. I can do it myself, but I was wondering if someone had already done it. If no one has done it, I'll use www.w3schools.com's reference and put the final function in scripts and scraps...

i.e. turning







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I thought it was too easy of a problem to wait for it, so I wrote my own:

Tell me if there are any problems, it should work right... it escapes all characters that aren't alphanumeric or a period.

Func URLEscape($text)
    For $x=1 To StringLen($text)
        If StringRegExp($char,'\A|\.',0) Then
    Return $newtext


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