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script needed

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Hello guys,

I'm searching a script who chek all 5 minuts if a file .ini exist in my ftp.

If this file exist the script download the .ini to my computer and after delete the .ini of the ftp.

Thx for help me :">

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We are no code slaves :D

Look at:

;Ftp.au3 by wouter
;IE.au3 by Dale
AdlibEnable( Func [, Time ] )
Edited by Daniel W.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scripts : _Encrypt UDF_UniquePCCode UDF MS like calculatorInstall programm *UPDATED* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[quote name='Helge' post='213117' date='Jul 26 2006, 10:22 AM']Have you ever tried surfing the internet with a milk-carton ?This is similar to what you're trying to do.[/quote]

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