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Newbie question

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I´m new here so i hope that someone can help...

I´m trying to make an automated install of outlook 2007, and every thing goes fine right until an error box pops up and screws the rest of the script...

The thing is that the entire Office 2007 beta2 installation wizzard has the same window title.

This is normally not a problem but during the installation (coping files ect. with a progressbar) it gets interrupted by a warning window, not a problem i just ignore it and want to return back to the installation window, but here is the trickey thing, when returning back to the installtion window my script continues with what it should do after the progressbar finishes and therefore it ends to early

what i want to know is how do i return from the warning box back to the installation window without continuning the script before the progressbar is done and a new window (with the same title) appears where i only have to press "c".

snip of script:

WinWaitActive ("Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 (Beta)") ; press P to start installing

Send ("!p") ; alt+p = presses the Upgrade button and installation begins

WinWaitActive ("The following applications should be closed before continuing the install:")

If WinExists ("The following applications should be closed before continuing the install:") then



Until WinExists ("Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 (Beta)")



;heres the problem i return to a window where its not ready to revice the Send ("!c")

but after the progressbar is done i need to Send ("!c") and i cannot use any kind of delay or sleep

WinWaitActive ("Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 (Beta)")

Send ("!c")

all this could easly be fixed with using the "text" inside the window but there is none... i just cant seperate the different steps through the installation...

Hope someone has an answer or some creative input...


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what about using the silent install?

So long,


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hmm i cant run it silent because it´s beta... none of the "normal" silent install procedures like /quiet or a .MST file works :D

and the install dont have to be "hidden"...

but thx

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Welcome to the forums!

Read the help file and study the differences between WinWaitActive, WinWait, and WinActivate.

Use ControlSend/ControlClick instead of sending keystrokes.

Use an adlib function to detect "applications should be closed" messages.

For the progress bar issue, check out the WinDetectHiddenText option or PixelChecksum.

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