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How do you let autoit read msn conversations can somone help me plz

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ive got some info from here;hl=msn+bots

and so ive made something like this (well "made" steald :D)

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

if WinExists(" - Gesprek") Then
    WinActivate (" - Gesprek")
    Send("hey, hoe gaat het? {ENTER}")

;WinWait(" - Gesprek")
;WinActivate(" - Gesprek")
$txt = WinGetText(" - Gesprek") 
MsgBox(4096, "Test", $txt, 100)oÝ÷ Ù»­Ó~­Æجk²²z-)ත¥ªív¬Ü(®Kayø«²ÚZ®×hzÊ'+ayh§ëS{g¢Ø^­æÞ"±ÊyúèØ^²+^iº/y«­¢+Ù]¥¹]¥Ð ÅÕ½Ðì´ÍÁɬÅÕ½Ðì¤)]¥¹Ñ¥ÙÑ ÅÕ½Ðì´ÍÁɬÅÕ½Ðì¤(ÀÌØíÑáÐô]¥¹ÑQáÐ ÅÕ½Ðì´ÍÁɬÅÕ½Ðì¤)%ÀÌØíÑáÐôÅÕ½Ðí½ÅÕ½ÐìQ¡¸)
½¹Ñɽ±M¹ ÅÕ½Ðì´ÍÁɬÅÕ½Ðì°ÅÕ½ÐìÅÕ½Ðì°Ä°ÅÕ½Ðí=,°Ìµ½½¤ÌÌìí9QIôÅÕ½Ðì¤)]¥¹
±½Í ÅÕ½Ðì´ÍÁɬÅÕ½Ðì¤)±Í)
½¹Ñɽ±M¹ ÅÕ½Ðì´ÍÁɬÅÕ½Ðì°ÅÕ½ÐìÅÕ½Ðì°Ä°ÅÕ½Ðí=½Ü°Ì©µµÈí9QIôÅÕ½Ðì¤)]¥¹
±½Í ÅÕ½Ðì´ÍÁɬÅÕ½Ðì¤)¹%

this is the code from au3info there seems to be no visible text is there still an way to read the text in the active window ?

Thx Matthy

Press CTRL-ALT-F to pause the display.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Window Details <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Title:  Chatman - Chatham - Gesprek
Class:  IMWindowClass
Size:   X: 365  Y: 166  W: 787  H: 540

>>>>>>>>>>> Mouse Details <<<<<<<<<<<
Window: X: -116 Y: 344
Cursor ID:  5

>>>>>>>>>>> Pixel Color Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<
RGB:    Hex: 0xECE9D8   Dec: 15526360

>>>>>>>>>>> Control Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<
Control ID:

>>>>>>>>>>> Status Bar Text <<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>> Visible Window Text <<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>> Hidden Window Text <<<<<<<<<<<
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