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Does anyone know why this doesn't work? Also if I try something like "Winwaitactive("Mozilla - Gmail")" (to check Gmail...) it won't work. I'd appreciate knowing if I'm doing something wrong or if Autoit won't do it for some reason.


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you may also have a look at Opt('WinTitleMatchMode', X) x = 1,2,3,4 and to get the Title may use Autoit Window Info.

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see also Option WinTitleMatchMode. Maybe the title you use with WinwaitActive() does not match! Otherwise post your script, so we can see what's going wrong. Also, do a very simple test.

Run the following script and then start notepad.exe. You should then see a message box.

MsgBox(4096,"Info","Notepad now running ...")

If this works, re-check your code and the window titles. If this does not work, you've got a serious problem.



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