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Hi everyone,

I am wanting to create a program that does some tidying of MP3 filenames and would like to be able to DRAG a list of files in explorer and DROP them into say, a LIST control.

I can get this to work on an EDIT control using the attached unfinished example, but have to click the 'Tidy' button to get it to do work.

Is there anyway I can setup a GUIRegisterMsg to catch the DROP event and therefore remove the need to click the 'Tidy' button.

P.S. Where do people search to get the information required for the GUIRegisterMsg event


----[ SandyD ]---

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here's an example to demonstrate multiple filedrops on a list.

(credits: FlyingBoz)


; Script Name:            DragDrop.Au3
; Description:            Demonstrate Handling a FileDrop Operation in Autoit 3.x
; Parameter(s):           None
; Requirement(s):         Not tested under 3.1.0 or earlier
; Return Value(s):        None
; Author(s):              FlyingBoz
; Date:                   20 Feb 2005

#include <GuiConstants.au3>

;Note GUI Created with the Extended Windows Style ACCEPTFILES
GUICreate("Drag/Drop Demo", 220, 220, -1, -1, -1, $WS_EX_ACCEPTFILES)
GUISetIcon(@SystemDir & "\mspaint.exe", 0)

;string for default status of InputBox
Global Const $txtInput = "Input Box Accepts Files"
;Create handle for Input Box.
Global $hInput = GUICtrlCreateInput($txtInput, 10, 10, 200, 200);Specify that the control can respond to ACCEPTFILES messages
;Initialize Message Status
Local $msg = ""
While $msg <> $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
   $msg = GUIGetMsg()
  ;UDF to Monitor Controls that Accept Drag / Drop
  ;This is necessary becuase the drop operation does NOT send a message to the control,
  ;It simply dumps the CRLF separated list of files in the control, appending them to what went before.
Exit $msg

; Function Name:      _MonitorFiles
; Description:        Demonstrate Looping to Monitor the change of a drag/drop file operation
; Parameter(s):       None
; Requirement(s):     Autoit3.1.0
; Return Value(s):    None
; Author(s):          FlyingBoz
; Date:               20 Feb 2005

Func _MonitorFiles()
  ;FlyingBoz - monitor contents of $hinput control,
  ;display and reset when triggered.
   Local $text = GUICtrlRead($hInput)
   If $text <> $txtInput Then;Something has changed
    ;strip the default text
      $text = StringReplace($text, $txtInput, "")
    ;display what's left.
      MsgBox(0, "Change In Input Box!", $text, 0)
    ;NOTE: Obviously, more sophisticated handling
   ;should occur here - You will see when Files are
  ;dropped, this @CRLF separated list
    ;can be parsed, tested with If FileExists(), etc.
      GUICtrlSetData($hInput, $txtInput)
EndFunc  ;==> _MonitorFiles

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