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?_? need help -

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I'm writing a script for a game (Warcraft III). However, the function im expirienceing problems with must

check if im sending msg to a certain player (the command must look like this: /w PlayerName Msg),

than it should copy this part of the command /w PlayerName in the clipboard. So when i decide

to send msg again to the same player -ill be able to type '//r' for example and the scrypt must replace '//r'

with his name (from clipboard). This way typing player's name again and again wont be neccessary.

1. /w PlayerName Msg

2. //r {ENTER} --> /w PlayerName


HotKeySet("{F5}", "slow")
Func slow()
   ;if {F5} pressed again -> break ;how could this be done  :ermm: 
    until 1=2; until keypressed={F5} or something ..?

One more question - how can i check if mouse button is clicked?



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Func sendchat()
       Send("/w PlayerName")
       ;;^assumes the chat box is already open

no need to involve the clipboard

no i mean - the command uses this form :

"/w playername msg" where "/w"==whisper,

"playername" is replaced with current player's name and

"msg" with the message i want to send.

So this wont work.

Need some kind of read function. It must read my input text.

If i type "/w gosu_14 hi dude" for example, the func must read it and if string start with "/w" and ends with ascii {ENTER} than i should copy "/w gosu_14 ".

So when "//r" string is found i replayce it with /w gosu_14

It should be something like aototyping the name of the player im whispering to.

(Remembers the name of last recipient)

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