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Calories Burned in Running

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This will calculate (According to your weight) the approximate calories burned over a set length.

This does not include metabolism and is VERY approximate. I run 5 miles a day and just wanted to know how much I burned. Hopefully someone might be able to use this.

Func RunCal($Weight, $Length, $WeightType = 0, $LengthType = 0)
    ; Approximate Calories Lost
    ; 0 = Metric System (Kilograms, Kilometers)
    ; 1 = American System (Pounds, Miles)
    ; Returns Array $Data[0] = Calories, $Data[1] = Calories Per Mile
    If $WeightType = 1 Then $Weight = ($Weight / 2.2)
    If $LengthType = 1 Then $Length = ($Length * 1.61)
    Local $Data[2]
    $Data[0] = ($Length * $Weight * 1.036)
    $Data[1] = ($Data[0] / $Length)
    Return $Data

AutoIt Smith

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