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i have been trying this code for invoking event,but not getting success............

Is something wrong in the code?

Code as follows:

Dim $word=ObjCreate("word.application")

WITH $word




Dim $temp=ObjEvent($word,"myfunc_")

Func myfunc_DocumentsAddContent()

Dim $excel=ObjCreate("excel.application")




$excel.ActiveWorkBook.Saved = 1


any help would be appreciable.



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There is not an event called "DocumentsAddContent" in word. Here is a link that describes all the events that can be triggered. Below is a working example of the "NewDocument" event. Hope this helps.

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)

$oWord = ObjCreate("word.application")
$oWord.visible = 1
$oWord.Activate ()
$hwnd = WinGetHandle("active")

; Set up an event sink so we can trigger on events
$oEvent = ObjEvent($oWord, "Evt_")

; This will now be captured as an event
$oWord.Documents.Add ()

While WinExists($hwnd)

Func Evt_NewDocument()
    $oWord.Selection.TypeText ("You created a new document.")
EndFunc   ;==>Evt_NewDocument

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