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heelo and good evening

i have a litle problem . i am building an Irc bot but i want to get a litle peace of big string

my bot should anwser the question of the user just by using private message's

so it reveices

:user!user@ PRIVMSG botname :message

now my problem is that i only want the username in a variable , how can i do this ? i have been trying alot with stringinstr stringsplit etc etc but i dont have a clue what i do wrong

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volledige commando is :Xantios!Xantios@ PRIVMSG Xantibot :hoi

Je kunt ook StringSplit(volledige commando, "!") gebruiken

en dan de eerste variable samen met StringTrimLeft(commando,1)


oke bedankt :-) ik ga het meteen proberen :)

translation: thnx dude im going to try it inmidiatly (dificult word ^^)

edit: YES IT WORKS :) Thank you so very much !!!!!!!!!

Edited by {NL}--Xantios---
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Try something like StringLeft or StringMed. You should really post the script to let us know what you're doing wrong,.

What in the world is StringMed? Maybe something like a String Doctor who fixes broken strings?



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if you 've got fix start and end points. I would use StringBetween. (It is an udf not included)

So long,


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