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Upload My Script (A Bot) to my IRC Channel?

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msgbox(0,"","SlaveBot created in autoIt by Xantios ")
;X-Warez SlaveBot irc SlaveBot !
;$back = stringmid($Recv,$instr+18)

TCPStartup( )
$socket = tcpconnect("",6667)
TCPSend($socket, "NICK " & "SlaveSlaveBot" & @CRLF)
TCPSend($socket, "USER " & "SlaveSlaveBot" & " 0 0 :" & "SlaveSlaveBot" & @CRLF)
tcpsend($socket, "OPER "&"Invalid_Username"&" "&"soccer"&@crlf)
tcpsend($socket, "JOIN "&"#aSlaveBotnoob"&@crlf)
tcpsend($socket, "MODE "&"#aSlaveBotnoob"&" +o SlaveBotNAME"&@crlf)
;tcpsend($socket,"PRIVMSG #SlaveBot SlaveBot is de gekstuhhhh !"&@crlf)
while 1 

$recv = tcprecv($socket,1024*5)
    if $recv <> "" then 
    $PingP = StringInStr($recv, "ping :") ; Check of there is a ping 
            If $PingP  = 1  Then ; Checks the output of command here alow
                $PongM = StringMid($recv, $PingP) ; Get the return value
                $pongT = StringInStr($pongM, @CRLF) ; Checks of this is the only one
                If $pongT = 0 Then $pongT = "" ; Checks the output of command here alow
                $pong = "pong :" & StringMid($pongM, 7, $pongT) ; Create the pong message
                TCPSend($socket, $pong & @CRLF) ; Send the pong
                ;tcpsend($socket, "PRIVMSG #SlaveBot ik heb een pong gestuurt !"&@crlf)
                ;Traytip("SlaveBot","Er is een PONG gestuurt :-) ",5) ; Shows a tooltip that the pong message is send ; word wel irritant hoor :-)

    ;if stringinstr($recv,"KICK #SlaveBot") Then
    ;Tcpsend($socket,"JOIN #SlaveBot"&@crlf)
    ;tcpsend($socket,"PRIVMSG #SlaveBot Gij zult de SlaveBot niet kicken !"&@crlf)
    ;tcpsend($socket, "MODE "&"#SlaveBot"&" +o SlaveBot"&@crlf)
    if stringinstr($recv,"!help") Then
        tcpsend($socket, "PRIVMSG #SlaveBot Typ !help voor hulp of probeer !posts om het aantal posts op X-warez te bekijken :-)"&@crlf)

    if StringInStr($recv,":!Posts") Then
    $oldcount = 0
    $postcount = 0
    $Size = FileGetSize("c:\Temp.php")   
    $read = FileRead("C:\Temp.php",$size-5)   
    if stringinstr($read,"Onze leden hebben een totaal van ") Then      
        $Full = stringmid($read,stringinstr($read,"Onze leden hebben een totaal van"))   
        $read = $Full    
        $Start = stringinstr($read,"<b>")    
        $End = stringinstr($read,"</b>")      
        $oldcount = $postcount    
        $PostCount = stringmid($read,$start+3,$end-$start-3)   
        tcpsend($socket, "PRIVMSG #SlaveBot het aantal posts op X-Warez.nl " &$postcount &@crlf)
    if stringinstr($recv,"PRIVMSG #SlaveBot os !test") Then
                TCPSend($socket,"PRIVMSG #SlaveBot blaatneger")

    if stringinstr($recv,"KICK #SlaveBot SlaveBot") Then
                Tcpsend($socket,"JOIN #SlaveBot"&@crlf)
                $instr = stringinstr($recv,"!") 
                $OpName = stringmid($recv,2,$instr-2)
                tcpsend($socket,"PRIVMSG #SlaveBot"&" "&$Opname&" jij hebt mij gekickt ! , die krijg je terug !"&@crlf)
                tcpsend($socket, "MODE "&"#SlaveBot"&" +o SlaveBot"&@crlf)
                tcpsend($socket,"KILL "&$Opname&" Je mag de SlaveBot niet kicken !"& @crlf)
    if stringinstr($recv,"JOIN :#SlaveBot") Then
        $instr = stringinstr($recv,"!") 
        $OpName = stringmid($recv,2,$instr-2)
        ;$dildo = stringinstr($opname,":")
        ;$naampie = stringmid($opname,30,$dildo)
        ;75 !
        $bef = stringmid($opname,78)
        tcpsend($socket,"PRIVMSG #SlaveBot welkom in #SlaveBot "&$bef &"hier word de X-Warez SlaveBot gemaakt door os , met dank aan Jaenster !"&@crlf)     
$logje = 0
    if stringinstr($recv,"SlaveBot")then 
        if $logje = 0 then
        filewrite("hoerenkut.txt","Log van: " &@mon&" " &@WDAY &" " &@HOUR &":" &@MIN &@CRLF)
        $logje = 1
    if stringinstr($recv,"PRIVMSG SlaveBot :hoi") Then
        ; volledige commando is :os!os@ PRIVMSG SlaveBot :hoi
        $bijna = stringsplit($recv,"!")
        $helemaal = stringtrimleft($bijna[1],1)
        $naam = $helemaal
        ;msgbox(0,"test","naam is: " &$naam)
        ;Je kunt ook StringSplit(volledige commando, "!") gebruiken
        ;en dan de eerste variable samen met StringTrimLeft(commando,1);
        ;$totaal = StringLen($recv)
;       msgbox(0,"","totaal is: " &$totaal); totaal als naam os is 50
;       $split1 = stringmid($recv,2,$totaal - 20)
        tcpsend($socket,"PRIVMSG "&$naam &" hallo "&@CRLF)
        tcpsend($socket,"MSG "&$naam &" blaat" &@CRLF)
    ;FileWrite("ontang log.txt",$recv &@crlf)

That is the code for my bot. How do I upload it to my channel. (#abotnoob)

Thanks in advanced.

[center]Cookyx.com :: Simple LAN Chat[/center]

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Thnx for leaving the credit's in my script :-)

you cant upload it , you just run it as an client , i dont know if you can run executable's on your server , i dont think so , but if you can , then upload it , and done :-)

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