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GUISetState, @SW_LOCK question

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Documentation reference:

GUISetState ( [flag [, winhandle]] )

Success: Returns 1.

Failure: Returns 0.

Only one window can be locked with @SW_LOCK and it is always the last one referenced.

The @SW_LOCK and @SW_UNLOCK flags are very nice options to make special gui transitions possible.

The fact that only one window can be locked at any given time is, or should not be a big limitation.

My question:

Is there a way to determent if a window is locked or not, or

if the GUISetState(@SW_LOCK,...) command did or did not locked the target window.

(other than doing something like a pixel scan of course.)

I tried using the return code on GUISetState(@SW_LOCK,...) ,while a other window was already locked, but that always returned 1.

(probably indicating that the target window handle was valid and the command was accepted by the system.)

If there is no way to determent the lock/unlock state of a window,

the @SW_LOCK commend is kind of reduced to being a somewhat trivial 'might work/might also not work' command.

Hope there is a way around this.


here's what this is built from, hence the limitations.


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