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So my script can check to see if INetGet is active and how many bytes are read... but is there a way to check the total bytes? I cant find any macros for it and I didn't see anything in the IE.au3 that could help. Does anyone know of a function or have a UDF that can do this?

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And by FileGetSize() you mean InetGetSize() since presumably the vague question is referring to getting the size on the server and not the local size after it has been downloaded?

As you mentioned about the question being vague, and still vague with reading again a few times over. I considered the post operation of the download for the script to check the filesize to validate, which is why I did mention FileGetSize(). Your reply with InetGetSize() is more common to use before using InetGet, so I think you may have interpreted the question better then I.


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