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Need some Help with StrRegExp

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Hello @all,

after trying to find the solution for an hour now, i'm asking the pro's for a little help. i searched the forum and find one or more ways to get similar regexp's working, ... but not my one.

i'm reading a simple textfile with the source from a website in it. so far so good.

the string i'm searching for, looks like this:


within the two tag-elements, there can be one or more digits, no characters and it can be in the text on or more times.

$TroopCount = StringRegExp($aArrayB[$k], '(?: <td>)([:digit:]+)(?: </td>)', 3)
For $p = 1 To $TroopCount[0]
    MsgBox(0, "info", "$TroopCount = " & $TroopCount[$p])

any help is apriciated.


da seven

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Hm, Funny...

$TroopCount = StringRegExp($aArrayB[$k], '<td>[:digit:]+</td>', 3)

Seems to work. As a workaround I'd remove the Tags using StringReplace.

Not the intelligent way, of course, but a solution....

$TroopCount = StringRegExp($aArrayB[$k], '(?:<td>)[:digit:]+(?:</td>)', 3)

Should do the job, but it does not... funny.

Edited by Marc

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m-hm ... it's not the problem. let me tell ya, how i was trying to find the right way.

at fist the RegExp looked like this, where i get an error:

$TroopCount = StringRegExp($aArrayB[$k], '[:digit:]+', 3)

after that, i tried this:

$TroopCount = StringRegExp($aArrayB[$k], '([:digit:]+)', 3)

this version worked fine, but returned every digit out of the string, which was not as usefull as i thought :P

so, the next step was to put some characters or special characters into the pattern. before and after the digits i'm searching for, comes a ">" or "<". at that moment, the RegExp returns nothing.

at this point, i searched the forum and found a example. string was something like this ...


... and pattern:

(?: <album>)(.?*)(?: </album>)(?: <artist>)(.?*)(?: </artist>)

i don't know, if this RegExp is workin' ... atm i don't think so.

any other ideas?


:nuke: you were faster by editing your post ^^

!!another edit!!

anybody who knows the editor "ultraedit32"? in this tool you are able to search any textfile by using regexp. i opened the textfile, which i'm reading in with autoit and tried to search the string with the RegExp

. it works fine. i must tell ya, that the RegExp in ultraedit are almost equal to the RegExp in autoit. Edited by kseven

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Could this be one of the resons the StringRegExp documentation has been pulled in (It is suposed to be returned when the RegExp library (or documentation) has been adjusted) ?

I expected this to return a array with two elements but it only returns one

$str = "<td>12345</td>" & @CRLF & "<td>23456</td>"
$foo = StringRegExp($str, "(?:\s*<td>\s*)(\d+?)(?:\s*</td>\s*)", 3)
if @extended Then 
    msgbox(0, "TEST", UBound($foo))
    _ArrayDisplay($foo, "TEST")

But as usual I can have got it all wrong.

Anyhow the toppost examples have a space in the regexp pattern after ?: and that will not match anything in the data sample.

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thx for your example.

i got the solution, after trying it out :P


is the pattern.

so far

da seven

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