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Any Suggestions for Flexible Detail View Setting

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Note: Can a moderator please move this to chat where it belongs? Sry for the misplaced post.

I find myself consistently frustrated by the lack of flexibility of the details view of explorer in w2k and xp, when it comes to being able to set the detail view columns for various file types.

You can quickly set the default of all directories to detail view, with a single set of column options, but you can't control the column headers selectively or recursively, only individually...

I like to have certain mp3 tags for my music, certain jpeg header information for my photos, certain source control information for my programs, etc. In addition, I like to view differing data in various sort orders.

Ideally, I'd like to have a way to recursively set a directory tree so that the folder and all its subfolders could have their detail columns set via a folder context menu "Set Detail View" Selecting this option on a folder would bring up the available column list, allow for its selection, and then set each subfolder to match the selected options.

Has this wheel been made? It appears from a quick search on MSDN that some hoops would have to be hopped through to program -- shell api calls to get the "Choose Details" popup and / or registry hacking to write settings would likely be required to implement.

Thoughts / suggestions welcomed.

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I think you'll find what you need right here : "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\


So long,


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