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well i kept getting a error when i was trying to read a CheckBox from a Gui in a function

The Gui in the Functions was Called when you Selected Advanced Options on the menu bar, But I had it write the State of the Check box too ini when it was exited.. idk for some reason it kept saying

GuiCtrlRead($CheckBox) was Undefined Variable..

Well then i decided to just Move the whole Advanced options into the other GUI and just hide it until You hit Advanced option, now when ever i hit the X to exit it exits my whole script because thats what the main GUI is suposed to do..

So any help would be great :P

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I had the same problem...

This is what you must do:

You're using GUIGetMsg(), and it returns $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE whenever any window in your script. But you can't differ wich one sent it.

Try using:

While 1
   $msg = GUIGetMsg(1) ;Advanced one
      Case $msg[0] = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
         If $msg[1] = MAINWINDOW Then
            ;Boo yah!
      Case $msg[0] = ANYTHING HERE
         ;Do something

When using GUIGetMsg(1) all the cases must use $msg[0], $msg won't work here.

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i tried this...

While $loop
    $msg = GUIGetMsg(1)
    If $msg[0] = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Or $msg = $ExitGUI Or $msg = $MenuExitGUI Then
        If $msg[1] = $Form1 Then
        If $msg[0] = $AdvancedFormGUI Then
            GUISetState( @SW_HIDE, $AdvancedFormGUI)

but that didnt work

None of my buttons worked when i did that

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No, the trick lies in the GUISetState command. You must specify that you are @SW_SHOWing the child GUI:

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

$gui = GUICreate("Parent") 
GUISetState (@SW_SHOW)
$button = GUICtrlCreateButton ("Run Child",  10, 10)
$label = GUICtrlCreateLabel ("Click a button in the child.",  10, 40)

While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    If $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then ExitLoop
    if $msg = $button then
        $result = ChildGui()
        if $result <> "" Then GUICtrlSetData($label,$result)
func ChildGui()
    $child = GUICreate("Child",650,200, -1,-1,-1,$WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW,$gui)
    GUISwitch ($child)
    $button1 = GUICtrlCreateButton ("Button 1",  10, 10)
    $button2 = GUICtrlCreateButton ("Button 2",  10, 50)

    $returnval = ""
    While 1
    $childmsg = GUIGetMsg()
        If $childmsg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then ExitLoop
        if $childmsg = $button1 then $returnval = "Button 1"
        if $childmsg = $button2 then $returnval = "Button 2"

        if $returnval <> "" then ExitLoop
    GUIDelete ($child)
    GUISwitch ($gui)
    return $returnval
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