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Multi-Head Mousewrap


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Similar to this:


Adds functionality based on code from Larry;


But able to handle your screen when @desktopwidth et. all don't report the correct dimensions due to having several monitors. I have three, and this works okay for me.

Global Const $SM_XVIRTUALSCREEN = 76
Global Const $SM_YVIRTUALSCREEN = 77
Global Const $SM_VIRTUALWIDTH = 78
Global Const $SM_VIRTUALHEIGHT = 79

$VIRTUALDESKTOPWIDTH = DLLCall("user32.dll","int","GetSystemMetrics","int",$SM_VIRTUALWIDTH)

$VIRTUALDESKTOPHEIGHT = DLLCall("user32.dll","int","GetSystemMetrics","int",$SM_VIRTUALHEIGHT)

$VIRTUALORIGINX = DLLCall("user32.dll","int","GetSystemMetrics","int",$SM_XVIRTUALSCREEN)

$VIRTUALORIGINY = DLLCall("user32.dll","int","GetSystemMetrics","int",$SM_YVIRTUALSCREEN)



while 1
    $pos = MouseGetPos()
    $mousex = $pos[0]
    $mousey = $pos[1]
        case $mousex = $xmin
            mousemove($xmax - 1,$mousey,0)
        case $mousex = $xmax
            mousemove($xmin + 1,$mousey,0)
        case $mousey = $ymin
        case $mousey = $ymax
            mousemove($mousex,$ymin + 1,0)

[font="Fixedsys"][list][*]All of my AutoIt Example Scripts[*]http://saneasylum.com[/list][/font]

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Are they exactly the same resolution? That's how it's designed. I was thinking about being a bit more precise wit it, using WMI to see how big each montitor was, and where it was relative to each other, but I don't really have time at the moment.

[font="Fixedsys"][list][*]All of my AutoIt Example Scripts[*]http://saneasylum.com[/list][/font]

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SO nice to see a method for handling multiple monitor setups! I couldn't figure out how to do this! Now I'll be able to bundle this method into my screensavers and a few of my other scripts...

Thanks! :nuke::):D:lol::idea:

Edit: If you find a way to "be a little more precise" to get reliable FULL desktop information, please post it here. I'll do a little poking myself now that I get the general idea from your script :P

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