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Alan D. Ayers

Reading a Group to see who is in it

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I want to read the group and see who is in it. I already have the code to add users to my SQL Server database so all I need to do is see if they should be in SQL by getting what users are in the Group.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Here you go. The only tricky thing is that you have to know the DN (distinguished name) of the group you're trying to enumerate, in this case I'm using "cn=Administrators,cn=Builtin, "

;  Bind to Active Directory;
$objRootDSE = ObjGet("LDAP://RootDSE")
$strDNSDomain = $objRootDSE.Get("DefaultNamingContext")

;  Get the Builtin Administrators group
$strContainer = "cn=Administrators,cn=Builtin, "
$objGroup = ObjGet ("LDAP://"& $strContainer & $strDNSDomain)

$adminlist = ""
$arrMemberOf = $objGroup.GetEx("member")
For $strMember in $arrMemberOf
    $user = ObjGet ("LDAP://"&$strMember)
    if isobj($user) Then $adminlist &= $user.sAMAccountName & @crlf
msgbox(0,"Admin List",$adminlist)

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